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Speed Numb - Premium Topical Anaesthetics

Speed Numb 5% Cream - 10g Sensitive Skin

Speed Numb 5% Cream - 10g Sensitive Skin

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Speed Numb™ numbing cream works by blocking pain signals in the area it has been applied to from reaching the brain. Commonly, it is used to reduce unbearable pain during medical and cosmetic skin procedures. These include: tattooing, laser hair removal, waxing, injections, blood tests, vaccinations, permanent makeup, piercings and other cosmetic skin treatments


  • Strongest available
  • Water Based
  • Non-Oily
  • Numbs Skin Fast
  • Lasts up to 6 hours
  • Sensitive Skin


  • Expires 10/2025
  • 3 Year Shelf Life
  • Cover a 4 in x 4 in area
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